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COVID-19 Relief for Mgahinga Community in Uganda - support people and conserve wildlife

The coronavirus pandemic has left a significant economic impact on the tourism industry in Uganda. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the Uganda government closed international borders restricting entry to all persons traveling into the country, including tourists. It is quite uncertain when the travel restrictions will be lifted. However, even when the travel restrictions are removed, the gorilla tourism industry in the Bwindi and Mgahinga gorilla national park area is going to a long time to recover.

Mgahinga Community Development Organization (MCDO) is organizing a fundraiser on the GoFundMe platform to raise funds to distribute relief items to the families affected by the closure of ecotourism projects in Kisoro district. The donations will enable MCDO to purchase food supplies, pay for emergency medical care, and personal hygiene items. MCDO also plans to support other vulnerable families, especially the national park porters, tour guides, and Batwa families.

We appreciate your support if you can donate to our fundraiser. Your donation will provide relief to the affected families and also contribute to the conservation of the mountain gorillas in Bwindi and Mgahinga gorilla national parks. You can access the fundraiser via this link.

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