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Reserve accommodation at Mutanda Eco Community Centre and enjoy a number of local activities listed below

Activities to Do at Lake Mutanda
Canoe Trekking

Enjoy the morning or evening breeze of the freshwater of Lake Mutanda with the magnificent view of the volcanoes, beautiful sunrise, and or sunset with natural melodies of birds.  It is still enjoyable during day hours too!

Historical Island Visit

This cruise gives you back the history of the ancient usage of the islands as you enjoy the beauty of the lake, volcanoes, and birds. Now that what used to be at the place in history, you may need to take a cold drink from the changed island

Coffee Tour

You will enjoy a local hike to a local organic coffee farm, where you will experience all coffee stages from nursery bed to the cup! Want to go to the cup tasting? Here we go!

Local Heights

Wishes to prepare for a volcano hike or enjoy the magnificent view of the volcanic chain of the Virunga massif of Uganda through Congo and Rwanda? Here is an ideal time and place for it.


Here you may need to enjoy swimming in the fresh water of one of the lava-dammed lakes in the area, where you may need to share your swimming techniques with children from a neighboring school.

Local School Visit

Would you wish to share your sports talents, teaching techniques or compare a typical Kisoro village school class setting to that from your area? Let our staff organize a visit for you with the neighboring school(s)

Handicrafts Experience

You want to encourage sustainable use of the natural environment? Join the Mutanda Community Cultural Group in making handcrafts using locally harvested materials and support them earn a supplement to their agricultural products. 

Cultural Experience

Uganda and Kisoro in particular are rich in cultural diversity. Please talk to our staff guide and you will get those of your choice to experience.

Other Services offered at Mutanda Eco Community Centre:


  • Restaurant and minbar

  • Gorilla permits booking and other national park activities such as Golden monkey tracking, Volcano trekking, Bird watching, Gorge walk, Nature walks, Batwa Trail,

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