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The Seasons for Women Project


Mgahinga Community Development Organization is empowering young women through providing menstrual health and hygiene.

The Seasons For Women Project
The public health initiative of Mgahinga Community Development Organization

Seasons For Women project was initiated by MCDO to avail easy access to menstrual health guidance as well as locally made reusable sanitary pads.  At the moment, a group of young women and girls who make the pads have responded to COVID-19 responsive measures by making face masks to make 2000 pieces and distribute them to community members from rural areas to mitigate the risks of coronavirus acquaintance. 

When the lockdown started, the school was providing services to 180 pupils, 11 teachers, and two non-teaching staff. Also, there are 11 trainees and one trainer at the Seasons for Women Project. Many thanks to our partners who continue to support the Seasons for Women project even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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