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The Batwa Community of Kisoro district


Mgahinga Community Development Organization is empowering the Batwa indigenous community in Kisoro district through education sponsorship opportunities.

Supporting the education of the Batwa children in Kisoro, Uganda
Background to the Batwa indigenous community

Who are the Batwa Indigenous community?

The Batwa are an indigenous community residing in southwestern Uganda.  The population of the Batwa community in southwestern Uganda is around 2,000. Others live in Rwanda, the DRC, and Burundi.

In the Kisoro district where MCDO is based, the Batwa settlements are scattered across the district, but the majority live adjacent to Mgahinga and Bwindi National Parks. They were evicted from their forest homes in the early 1990s to pave the way for the conservation of the mountain gorillas in what would later be known as Bwindi & Mgahinga gorilla national parks. That is why the Batwa are referred to as forest peoples. They live a rudimentary life based entirely on small scale farming although the majority of the Batwa do not own a parcel of land. 

The Batwa face so many daily life challenges compared to other ethnic groups. They have limited access to health care and education opportunities.

Education work with the Batwa community

​​MCDO provides education sponsorship opportunities and scholastic materials to Batwa school-going children.


MCDO currently pays school fees for a number of Batwa primary school children. This program will continue to grow if we get more well-wishers and sponsors.


If you are a sponsor out there who would like to contribute to the education efforts of the Batwa children, please get in touch. Our email is

The Batwa cultural dance, Kisoro district
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