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Volunteering with MCDO


Explore the different volunteer opportunities with Mgahinga Community Development Organization. 

Mgahinga Community Development Organization (MCDO
Volunteer Opportunities in Kisoro, south western Uganda

We need volunteers from all walks of life with varied skills, abilities, and knowledge. The most important asset is the passion and commitment to achieving the goals of the Mgahinga Community Development Organisation (MCDO). If you think you have what we are looking for and want to become involved in an African community, working with them and helping them find a way out of poverty and achieve sustainable development for them, the environment, and for future generations, then please contact us and see what difference you can make.

Volunteers have the opportunity to be involved in various projects within the MCDO and are given the opportunity to develop their skills, abilities, and knowledge even further in the field.

We need volunteers for specific roles in the community, in a variety of areas -

EDUCATION – includes teaching conservation in the classroom as well as in the field, sports including football and swimming. We have long term educational placements available in subjects including English and in particular English literature.

HEALTH – doctors and nurses to work in the local health centres and communities.

CONSERVATION – zoologists, biologists, botanists, etc.

VETERINARY – working in the field with the wildlife, domestic animals, farm animals, inspecting slaughtered meat for consumption.

FARMING – would you like to volunteer on an African farm working alongside the locals.

I.T. AND ADMINISTRATION – especially needed for our website development

FINANCE AND OPERATIONS – especially needed to support our finance team

FUNDRAISING – especially needed for helping with fundraising and advocacy

MONITORING AND EVALUATION – especially needed to implement our Monitoring and Evaluation strategy

For further information and volunteer application form, please contact us,

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