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Your gateway accommodation to the mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi National Park.


Mutanda Eco Community Centre provides affordable accommodation at the shores of lake Mutanda with majestic views of the virunga massive volcanoes. 

Mutanda Eco Community Centre

Accommodation at Mutanda Eco Community Centre

Brief Background About the Centre


Located just 6 kilometres away from Kisoro town in southwestern Uganda, Mutanda Eco Community Centre (M.E.C.C) is a community-owned eco-lodge located at the south shores of Lake Mutanda. The camp provides accommodation, camping facilities, and food. Because of the camp's proximity to Bwindi and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks, Mutanda Eco Community Centre is the perfect choice for accommodation for anyone considering mountain gorilla tracking.

There are several ecotourism activities that can be carried out at Lake Mutanda and these include swimming, canoeing, boat riding, snake safari, otter viewing, and village visits.

We also offer volunteer opportunities for clients interested in supporting community projects. The volunteer experience entails teaching swimming lessons to children, working at the health centers, and teaching conservation education at the nearby Chihe Primary School.

Our unique selling points

  • The Mutanda Eco Community Centre has provided funds to the nearby local school; one used the funds to roof its main building. 

  • The community centre provides Swimming lessons, and environmental and tourism awareness programmes to about 100 children per year.

  • The Centre sensitizes members of the Mutanda community about nature conservation through various initiatives.

  • Centre employees are locally sourced from surrounding communities to create employment opportunities.

  • The Centre creates a market for local agriculture produce by acquiring all of its fruits, vegetables, and food from surrounding communities.


Mutanda Eco Community Centre offers different types of accommodation ranging from bandas and dormitories. The centre also offers camping space for visitors with tents as well as ample car parking space.

Room Description:  Guests can choose between the campsite, dormitories, or bandas. The centre has a wide area for camping as well as five bandas, of which two serve as dormitories.

Accommodation Rates

Photos of Bandas and Campground

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Sample Customer Reviews

The detailed tariff can be accessed here, which also lists activities to do at Lake Mutanda.


Great romantic eco retreat

"Want to spend a night or two away from it all, secluded at the end of the world? That's it. Great views, no one but locals, huge, super clean and beautiful mountain lake in front of you (I enjoyed a long swim in it), refreshingly simple but charming set up with hot water delivered to your door at 5 am if needed. Food as fresh as it gets. The whole region is very agricultural, but no animals, machinery, let alone fertilisers, chemicals or hormones are used or even known here. Hence, the food is like it was back in the day and still should be today. Great friendly service. Highly recommended. Would go back in a heartbeat".

Guest from Bordeaux, France


“What a great place!”
"I stayed here for 3 nights in August 2013. I wished I could have stayed longer. Mutanda is my favorite lake in SW Uganda; I like it even more than Lake Bunyoni. It is so peaceful and beautiful that it's surprising more people don't visit. I would highly recommend it, even for the those heading to see the gorillas who might otherwise stay in town. Kisoro is only 6 km away. The accommodation is simple but clean and inexpensive and every banda has a great view. Good food is available and the staff are fantastic." Guest from Canada


Bookings and Contact Details

For bookings and reservations at Mutanda Eco Community Centre, write to us at or call/WhatsApp +256-772-435148

or Fill the Below Contact Form

Booking Form For Mutanda Eco Community Centre

Activities To Do at Mutanda Eco Community Centre

The activities to do at Lake Mutanda include canoeing, swimming, Historical island tour, cultural experiences, and working with women's handcrafts groups. For more information on local experiences, check this page

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