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Volunteering with MCDO


Explore the different volunteer opportunities with Mgahinga Community Development Organization. 

Mgahinga Community Development Organization (MCDO
Health and safety information regarding volunteering in Kisoro, Uganda

We can offer a limited number of self-funded volunteer posts to enthusiastic people with an interest in making a difference to local communities and wildlife in Africa through education, conservation, and sustainable development. Our project is in Kisoro, southwestern Uganda, and involves the local community working together in a sustainable way to create a better quality of life and taking care of the environment. We expect volunteers to work hard and also take advantage of the many opportunities available, such as visiting the World Famous Mountain Gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the Golden Monkeys of the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

We are looking for volunteers with passion, determination, and commitment. We need teachers, conservationists, biologists, health workers, vets, I.T., and administration skills, to name just a few. People with all-round skills and abilities would be great. We are also looking for students, internationally, who wish to further develop their knowledge in a working environment out in the field. We would like to give all Africans the same opportunity especially as it is their home continent.

How long do I stay at the project?
We highly recommend our volunteers to commit a minimum of two months in order to make a meaningful impact and have a great experience.

What do I do at the project?
We have a number of areas in which our volunteers can be active, e.g. the education programme, the Lake Mutanda site for conservation, education, and eco-tourism, administrative tasks, veterinary work, health care work and teaching a community kindergarten  We place volunteers into specific roles depending on their abilities and skills but also where they are most needed at the time depending on our workload and what is happening at the project. We like volunteers to experience as much as possible so a volunteer with specific skills and abilities may want to experience other areas of the project and learn more and widen their horizons.

What about time off?
Your first obligation is to the project and we do expect you to be highly committed however a number of excursions are possible / recommended with prior agreement by the project managers.

What about my health?
See your doctor for advice, you will need a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate to gain entry into the country.  Good insurance is strongly recommended.  The anti-malarial cover is recommended.

What about my safety?
Uganda is a very safe country to move around in. Most crime is petty crime. Our security can protect you most of the time, particularly when at the project sites and at the project house. You will be advised of the security rules we have to minimise the risks, if you choose to ignore them we cannot be held responsible for the consequences. We would advise you to check with the Foreign Office of your country for an update on security before travelling. Good insurance is strongly recommended.

For further information and volunteer application form contact us,

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