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Photo credit: Mutolere Primary Facebook Page

Mutolere Primary School

Mutolere Primary School is situated in the southwest part of Uganda, in the district of Kisoro. ‘White father’ missionaries founded it in 1929. At that time it was regarded as a sub grade school.

Between 1930-33 the school was upgraded to primary 4.

In 1940 with continued progress it was upgraded to primary 7.

1970 saw the school recognised as grade 2 status and was a government - aided school under the ministry of education.

In 1983 it was upgraded to grade 1 status due to an increase in enrolment and good progress made by the pupils and teachers.

The school has a total enrolment of 1279 pupils, 687 male and 592 female, between the ages of 6 years and 16 years.

Mutolere primary school is headed by a nun. She belongs to the ‘Sisters of Our Lady of Good Counsel’. There are 30 teachers, 10 female and 20 male. They work hard to promote the standards of the school, both educationally and morally.

The school is a great success because of good co-operation between the staff, pupils, parents, the community, well wishers and other stakeholders including the government of Uganda.

We saw this co-operation between pupils, staff, parents and governors earlier this year when we were invited to attend the school’s open day at the end of the term. A fund was created with the combined help of the parents, teachers and governors to raise funds for a new school building to replace a very old one, which is in a desperate situation and is still being used as classrooms to teach the children.

The schools ‘wildlife club’ is a great success and enjoyed by staff and pupils alike. They have created their own ‘wildlife anthem’. They are putting into practise what they learn in the classroom. The school grounds have trees that have been planted by the pupils and they tend to them. The trees are all named and they understand the importance of the trees to us, and the environment. They have planted some trees and plants that have a medicinal purpose and used when necessary by the pupils, staff and locals. They have started a vegetable garden and the produce will help feed children at lunchtime.

All the children learn about the Endangered Mountain Gorillas that inhabit the Virunga

Volcanoes that can be seen from there school grounds.

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