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Our Programs


Mgahinga Community Development implement a wide range of programs around Mgahinga and Bwindi Gorilla National Parks.

Mgahinga Community Development Organization (MCDO
Education Projects
Early Childhood Education


MCDO contributes to early childhood development through support provided to Mgahinga Community Junior School. The school, which is adjacent to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, has an enrollment of about 150 pupils. 

Education Sponsorship Scheme


The Education Sponsorship Scheme is one the most successful projects run by MCDO. The project provides tuition and school fees support to vulnerable children in Kisoro. As of 2017, more than 150 students have benefited from this flagship project. 

Youth Exchange Program


The MCDO Student Exchange Program (SEP) is a north-south collaboration that commenced over 10 years ago when MCDO started hosting groups of Swedish students in Kisoro. The students are driven by a desire to learn about Ugandan society, including local culture, education and conservation.

Conservation Projects
Conservation Education


MCDO has partnered with Daktari Andorra, the Association for improving the health and welfare of livestock, to implement a Conservation and Environmental Education Programe (CEEP) at Mgahinga Community Nursery and Primary School.  The project aims to educate local school children about the importance and value of conservation. 

Climate Change Adaptation


MCDO is actively working with local communities in Kisoro to prioritize tree planting, seed propagation, potting of seeds and transplanting of seedlings for improved conservation education and to equip community members with relevant skills to preserve the environment through afforestation and contribute to climate change mitigation strategies. 

Community-Based Tourism


Mountain gorilla tracking is the most lucrative tourist activity in both Bwindi and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks. MCDO is investing in Community Based Tourism (CBT) as a means to boost incomes for the local population while at the same time advocating for gorilla conservation.

Agriculture and Livelihoods
Irish Potato Farming


MCDO has invested in promoting agriculture as a livelihood and food security mechanism. MCDO supports a local farmers group -  Gisozi Farmers Duterimbere Association (GDFA) to establish food security initiatives such as Irish potato growing which acts as source of income and food in the area. 



MCDO has supported implementation of a bee keeping project which started with 50 beehives. The overall aim of this project is to promote sustainable agriculture and environment conservation contributing to improvement of community health and poverty reduction. 

Arts and Handicrafts


MCDO supports handicraft groups that operate at Amajambere Community Camp and Mutanda Eco Community Centre. The projects train women to tap into alternative sources of income by selling art crafts to the tourists who visit Mgahinga and Bwindi National Gorilla parks. 

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