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Update on the Conservation and Environment Education (CEEP) Project

The project focuses on the integration of conservation education in preserving both the environment and wildlife.

Pupils and teachers of Mgahinga Community Primary School on a conservation visit to Bwindi National Park

The conservation project being implemented by MCDO at Mgahinga Nursery and Primary School in Kisoro started from September 2017 and ends February 2018. The project is being supported by Daktari Andorra, the Association for improving the health and welfare of African livestock. The project focuses on the integration of conservation education in preserving both the environment and wildlife.  The project encompasses all possible strategies on community to promote environmental sustainability and resiliency to climate change through engaging community members and school children in tree planting, proper sanitation and hygiene. 

Through the CEEP project, children and community members have been introduced to environmental conservation strategies by engaging in the following activities:School children had two conservation learning visits: One in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and another one in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Garbage collection at Koranya trading centre, near Mgahinga

Established a botanical garden and planting of over 200 medicinal and indigenous tree species. Ensured waste management, sanitation and hygiene both at the school and at Koranya trading centre near Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. The school chidren with support from project leaders installed garbage collection houses and recycling bins. 

Conducted workshops and conservation community dinner which involved Mgahinga Community Primary School children. The pupils participated in conservation music dance and drama, and drawings to raise awareness on conservation with emphasis on animals in danger of extinction.         MCDO believes that working with local communities including the Batwa (indigenous people), youths and students will make them better custodians of the environment. 

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To promote environmental conservation and improve livelihoods in the Bwindi-Mgahinga conservation area in Uganda.

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