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Meet MCDO's new team members from Sweden

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Interns from Mid Sweden University are to support MCDO for at least 6 months.

In January, three social works students from Sweden arrived to Kisoro to join the MCDO’s team until May 2018. They are from Mid Sweden University, located in Östersund. We thought it was a good idea to introduce you to them to get to know them a little bit.  

Who are you and why did you choose MCDO for your internship? I’m Alex, and I love to travel and experience new countries, that’s why I choose to do my internship abroad. I heard about MCDO through my teacher and I’ve been in Africa before, and I loved it, so I found this was a good opportunity to go back. MCDO have a lot of different projects, which caught my interest and I think I will learn a lot from them. I’m really excited to be once again in a different country in Africa. Did you have any expectations before you came here? Yes, of course, I expected a well-functional organization and I definitely think they are! I was excited to see how social work world looks like here in Uganda. I also have an expectation of learning more about their different projects. I will learn a lot from them! Is there any project that you are working on more at MCDO? No, I’m a little bit everywhere. I want to get an overview about the different projects so I get a wide perspective and experiences and really understand MCDO impact and work around the Mgahinga community. What’s your dream? I have a dream to work international, but I don’t know where exactly yet. And someday I want to build on my education so I can become a psychotherapist. And of course continuing to travel a lot! Final question, what’s your first impression of Mgahinga? Oh, so many nice people, beautiful nature and landscape! And a lot of hills, haha.

Tells us a little bit about yourself and why you did choose MCDO for your internship! I’m Lisa and I’m 26 years old student from Uppsala, south Sweden. My family and boyfriend live in Uppsala, but I study in Östersund. I choose MCDO because of teacher at my school, Charlotte. She talked about MCDO and the work they have done. And I thought it sounded really interesting with the different projects that they had, and a good experience for me. What do you want to learn from MCDO? I want to learn to see things from different perspectives and get new insights. I wanted to see how change is possible with small tools. I like the challenge and I thought MCDO had a lot to give me. I have actually already noticed that MCDO and people around Mgahinga and Kisoro have taught me more than I could have imagined. And I hope that I can lead own project at MCDO. Have you found any difficulties so far? I thought it would be easier to adapt to the new environment, so I wasn’t prepared that it would be this different from home with the poverty and especially the children who aren’t at school. The work with MCDO have really opened my eyes. What do you want to work with after your education? I want to help people. One dream I have is to work with different projects and directions in social work in Sweden. Finally, what do you think of Mgahinga? So much fresh air! And an incredible amazing atmosphere! Who are you and have did you found out about our organization? My name is Tove, and I like also to experience new things and travel to new places. That’s why I wanted to do my internship abroad as well. I found out about MCDO through my university. One of my teacher was here as a student, Charlotte, and she was one of those who started MbiriMbiri Association, MCDO’s partner organization in Sweden. She told me about the different projects at MCDO, like handicraft, education program, environment etc. I thought it sounded really interesting and a good opportunity to see how social work may look like in Uganda. Did you have any fears and expectations before you arrive? Oh yes, on both! I think my biggest fear was that MCDO wouldn’t live up to my expectations, that I wouldn’t like it here or feel like this was totally wrong for me. But it’s better than I expected. I’ve learnt so much about MCDO’s work, from the people who live here and about Uganda. I don’t think I could choose a better internship actually. I already feel like I want to come back and work here! Even if I’m aware of different culture and lifestyles, it has really given me new perspective on many things, like for example I’m very grateful that I can sleep in a bed and have an opportunity to study at university for free. Where do you see yourself after you graduation? I see myself working international, maybe at some Non-governmental organization like Amnesty or Socionomer utan Gränser. I have a passion for human rights and justice, so I see myself working with those subjects. I also have a dream to start my own business, but that’s another story. Final question, how do you like Mgahinga so far? I really like it here, people are so friendly and the nature is magical! It will be hard to leave this place.

Welcome Lisa, Alex and Tove to our team!

Follow their journey @trefotter For updates @mcdo_uganda 

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