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Position: Community Programme Manager

About Mgahinga Community Development Organisation (MCDO)

Founded in 2003, MCDO is the leading NGO that promotes community led development and environmental conservation in Kisoro, Uganda. The main goal of MCDO is to use ecotourism as a tool to promote sustainable development through poverty reduction, conservation of the beautiful environment, education, good health, income generation and sustainable agriculture. The primary beneficiaries of MCDO programs are communities that were displaced at the creation of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in 1991.

Some of the MCDO achievements include:

  • 150 students have benefited from the education sponsorship program

  • Supported Amajambere Iwacu Community Camp to increase its client base and improve service delivery

  • Hosted over 100 volunteers from Sweden, U.K., U.S.A. and other countries

  • Raised funds and built four classrooms and a 5-stance latrine at Mgahinga Community Nursery and Primary School. The school is now providing education to more than 150 children from the local community

  • Hosted over 20 groups of international exchange students

  • Led undergoing construction of Mutanda Eco-community Centre, an ecotourism site located at the south shores of Lake Mutanda

  • Through the veterinary programme, more than 100 dogs have been vaccinated against rabies and over 20,000 domestic livestock have received deworming tablets

For more information on MCDO's work, please visit

Position summary
The Community Programme Manager will work closely with MCDO's International Coordinator in supporting the implementation of different community programs run by MCDO. The position will be based in Kisoro, Uganda. The desired internship period is 3-6 months.

Main responsibilities

The Community Programme Manager will help strengthen the following programs.

1. Education Sponsorship Scheme

  • Assist in documenting stories of the sponsored students

  • Conduct career trainings for the sponsored students

  • Provide any other support needed to improve the welfare of the students

2. Community Eco-lodges

  • In consultation with the eco-lodges management, design tourism marketing strategies to increase visitor numbers

  • Create systems for tracking and documenting all the clients who stay at the eco-lodges

  • Train eco-lodges management staff in hospitality practices

3. Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Design a user friendly Monitoring and Evaluation system to track the impact of MCDO projects and programs

  • Train the staff on how to use the Monitoring and Evaluation system

4. Grants Research, Fundraising and Communications

  • Research potential grant makers and write grant proposals to solicit funds

  • Write a monthly newsletter documenting program impact

  • Design communication strategies for current donors, supporters and past volunteers

Desired skills and experience

  • Strong interest in ecotourism as an intervention to advance community development and conservation

  • Experience in designing monitoring and evaluation systems for community based development programs

  • Documented experience in fundraising and grant research

  • Experience in project design and implementation

  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team and in a cross cultural environment

  • Fluency in Microsoft computer skills and familiarity with the internet

How to apply

  • Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume (CV) to

  • Please note that this position is unpaid but MCDO will provide all the support needed for the intern to adapt to the work environment

  • The position will also be a great opportunity for the intern to learn about how local communities can design programs to address different societal challenges

Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

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